Small Business Logo Design

A professional logo design should incorporate and say something about the nature of the business/and the company as they express a brand’s symbolic, functional benefits in a sensoral way and can have a significant positive effect on customer commitment to your brand. And it means differentiating and yet connecting your company name to the field and others in the feild. So a bit of research is required, (I should clarify this is not the 15 to 30 man hour research and impact analysis one might expect from a corporate design company ) followed by Initial designs.

the Initial designs would usually start with up to 4 to choose from (even if you have a good idea of what you want I might offer something that sang to you even better) these would be mocked up sketches or photoshop splashes and then adapted and finalized as you made choices on them followed by as many as two rounds of changes till the customer is satisfied. (generally this might really be as many as it takes if the changes are simple) The product I would provide a final form logo as scalable vector form which would print well and be easily adapted to many contexts (as well as a few png/jpeg renderings of multiple sizes) as well as the SVGs, which can be readily displayed on the web to. The finished design should be clear, and professional. We would also make thorough image searches on a favored design in an attempt to insure a measure of uniqueness (although one can expect similarities within the same industry).

Economic Pricing to meeting your needs

Minimum prices would be on the order of $200 dollars assuming the use of fairly normal fonts and line work as the basis a complex logo with more customized font use and intricate linework brings it up to $400 or there abouts. What is the difference between the two is a bit subjective though. I generally actually recommend against complexity, though. A secondary offering with the logo might be an icon form. (the icon would be simpler for readability when really small and generally be of balanced height and width) and increase the logo cost 50 or 100 dollars. If the logo design already adapts well to this context this may not be needed. Logos become a part of a company branding for the long hall and may be seen as an investment, periodically however they like a companies profile needs refreshed it shows a company with vigor and energy.