GeoXML : parses KML/GML(like the results of WFS requests)/GPX and GeoRSS

This Google Maps Extension enables client-side parsing and viewing of a number of flavors of GeoXml, ncluding GML from WFS servers, GPX from GPS devices or log as well as KML and multiple flavors of GeoRSS,In addition to the XML it supports saving out and re-loading of KJSON (plans are in to split the KJSON parsing/loading and XML based parsing)

This code generally targets enabling larger data sizes in Google Maps rather than the small My Maps support provided by EGeoXml and generally supporting Open Standards

Click to Check out Version 3 appropriate for the Latest Version of the Google Maps API

You may use this code freely ... if you need help help or would care to encourage the developer who spends way too much free time on this, or wish to promote your favorite features? feel free to donate and or send a message.

Thanks, Lance Alan Dyas

Samples of Using GeoXml Parser

  1. Simplest Use With Sidebar
    Just loading a local kml and showing side bar
  2. Custom Sidebar with Description/Snippets
    Customized Sidebar (Large Images and enabled snippets)
  3. Example Loading directly from My Maps (uses network link)
  4. Custom Weather from Yahoo/ weather feeds(demos image from description option)
  5. Simple WMS loading with Labels from Google
  6. GeoRSS example using Reuters piped through
  7. Shows preloading description to presize image flow
  8. Static GML file (also sorted)
  9. GeoJSON( well not quite actually my flavor of GMaps JSON with the same data as above
    also shows polygon labeling
  10. C2020 Wildlife Preserves(JSON)
  11. Malaria map test now with JSON (still a browser challenger - fastest in Chrome)
  12. Gaza Clustering Test
  13. Sample using GPX file
  14. Another Sample using GPX file showing custom styles in auto centered message box
  15. Direct GeoRSS new feed USGS Earth Quake news
  16. Beautiful Arizona Counties - in Google Maps

GeoXml is also the vector sub part of TNTmap
an OGC client which handles wms and wfs
capabilities requests and can construct Google Maps pages with OGC layers

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