Connor McCloudConverting Highlander to Lost Worlds

Highlander is a perfect milleuax for LW... the rules of the game ... rather fit Lost Worlds.

Part of this is an effort to convert what can be converted from the Highlander Collectible Card Gamee .. but some is just bringing ideas from the series and movie.

Highlander Damage in the CCG has a basic damage for an attack is 2 or 3 corresponding to 4 to 6 in LW thus 1 Ability in Highlander corresponds to 2 body in LW.

In a Raw Sense - The immortals you play in the CCG have 30 body in LW terms. This could also be 20 body and 10 tactics  or some other combination

Most of the following Quickened Actions cost 1 body pt.
They correspond to exertions in HCCG, HCCG treats them as a form of fatigue.. I am emphasizing their extremity and how it corresponds to things seen in the mythos

Quickened Actions are basically a form of  pushing ones supernatural life force and so straining it to a degree. Hence the depletion of Quickening Points

Quickened Might :
Quickened Mobility :
Quickened Healing:  
Quickened Perceptions (these are not active actions the do not cost body pt to perform)
Beheading blows in mid battle are a form of  luck card need to be of Quickened Might and played with a successful dazed maneuver.

Defeat of An Immortal by another immortal gives them more extreme experience points and may allow them to allocate those experience points into abilities they have never trained in.