The Principles of the Dragon Tongue

(the Tongue of Magick)


This language is rumored to be the oldest of all languages or the one true language from which all others descend, but this is in all likelihood merely poetic license. Dragons rarely speak but when they do they use this language. It is used by many mages who consider it a universal language of magic.

Dragon  Runed Magic Pentagram

A few Basics

The dragon language uses a phonetic alphabet which I have tried to translate to an English equivalent. Its runes appear quite similar in form to the commonly known Futhark Runes. The language specifies the part of speech for a given root meaning, entirely by use of a suffix.  The dragon language often combines multiple basic word meanings to form new words. Hence the word for spider might literally translate as many legged weaver. Dragons can take a long time to say things but when one is virtually immortal it is more important to be perfectly understood than concise.


Magically Significant Terms

GorLahkan = Power Weaver

Core menemes which have been at times used in classifying the magics of Ea... 

Abdek Law/Order Nuglar Darkness or Shadow 
Ahn Perception Augury and Detection Nilg Hydromancy
Krrez Chaos/Change Nageg Druidry (animal)
Bal Harm/Evil Feez Druidry (Plant)
Org Necromancy Gor Magical Power/ Mana pure magic
Then Control Ahp Aether/Aeromancy
Mah Aid/Enhance Trahg Flesh/Body
Kaerr Protect or Sheild Luv Life
Lus Pyromancy Strah Mind/Mystical
Glin Terramancy Serahk Soul
Glar light Dar Person
Thrag Deceptions,illusions and lies Eg Food

actual usage might be something on the order of the following.

Gorabdekser =  Magic of law.

Abdekgorser = law magic.

Eyangor = Natural magic 

A few more

Gresa = Brother/Comrade

Daragahn = Great/Perceptive People


  • present tense>sahg
  • past tense>sig
  • indirect objects> a
  • objects> ser
  • subjects> seth/sith
  • edibles> eg
  • name> an
  • pluralization> t
  • emphasis> s (added indiscriminately)

Dragon Runes

Dragon Runes in True Type format coming soon.


Fragmentary Vocabulary

English Dragon language equivalent
sharp grahd
enemy gadkehn
spider klarglahkashagt
magic gora
weave lahksahg
walk sagsahg
fast strel
slow nugstrel
speed strela
run sagstrelsahg
sharpen sagstrela
light glar
an affirmation nuga
a negation guna
fire lusa
burn lusahg
grow gansahg
dead org
die orgsahg
web klarg
leg shag
eye vahza
to control thansahg
last ro
person dara
skin nahga
hot greb
heat greba
darkness sulg
darken sulgsahg
what? gere
human kwagega
at (place) gat
when? og
to be / exist nalgsahg
liquid nilg
solid glin
natural order abdeka
beneath gog
air ahp
full nolg
eat egsahg
edible eg
hunger egahna
first or