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Decision driven gaming is truly the emphasis of my gaming ideas and the emphasis of this site, it has evolved over time but may have began with Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game, and yes my dissatisfaction with it.  I am hoping to turn this jumble of wild eyed ideas into a comprehensive game. Anyone care to play test ;) I would love to hear of your experiences.

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The "trick" of good diceless play seems to be making sure the "players" decisions are involved not just the Story Guides. One of the other elements is to make sure that diceless isn't "systemless", (recent developments show online gamers are indeed doing consent based roleplay that is indeed systemless). The more well defined the environment is and each characters abilities are the less problem making decisions based on them become. One flaw I found with Amber diceless roleplaying is that they insisted on keeping character definition vague, which makes it intrinsically less useful.

A good decision driven gaming system should give players a lot of choices about the details of their characters actions... up to a point this can be improvised which seems at times the complete extent of "Ambers System".  What is really needed is some form of systemized analysis so actions can be described in a natural way then broken down easily in game terms and resolved. I propose game terminology which maintains a close connection to the root natural language simplifying the analysis as well as the other consequences of being easy to learn and intuitive for understanding.

Regarding Terminology

Language is IMPORTANT Don't let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise we rename the enemy to make them seem less human all the time depriving them of power over us... denying them mercy etc.

I use the term Storyguide as this implies the cooperative nature of rolegaming better than "Game Master" and by implication destribute the responsibility of control more. For instance players should feel at home introducing incidental elements to the scenary when describing their characters actions to bring increased vividness to the game (mayhaps the storyguide has veto power on such but often these tid bits will simply be welcomed and encouraged so long as they aren't too out of place or too extreme).

Also I generally avoid the term diceless elsewhere on this site, I prefer call this "Decision Driven Gaming" it is more positive to say what something is... instead of what it isn't. And then you can even tag a few dice on later if you want.;) Such as the YinYang  dice (kind of like a mix of feng-shui dice and fudge dice on steroids).

Proof that I dont hate d20 - Hitpointless Combat Using a 20 sider...I call it Warped. and also:

The Channeller/"True Sorceror" a D20 class... This is sort of like Dr Strange for D&D.
Lance Dyas