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Ars Magica has elements which are really hard to manage without the wild ride that dice can bring to game play in specific "Botches" both mundane and magical can be problematic, never the less as with most games the majority of the rules are already diceless and these ideas do not necessarily rope things down into the depths of predictability but check it out.

A Tytalis will tell you, conflict is more than the key area to cover when one is bring a game from its random roots into the world of decision driven gaming. sooo....Fighting Styles using the Techniques is where much of the development has currently taken place, A french translation of some of the basics from this by Jeremy Provoste is hosted at

Another element to consider is things like fatigue, currently in Ars Magica fatigue comes about as a "random" effect. Fatigue and maybe even certain elements of "backlash" in a diceless Ars Magica needs to be a choice.

Diceless Certamen an inspirational mostly free form method (hosted on Durenmar) and reminds me of early diceless gaming.

Agelessness: 3 pt Virtue, "Ageless": exposure to some wierd magic has left you immune to the affects of aging and made longetivity potions pointless. Gain 3 twilight points due to the weird magic which induced your agelessness. Beginning the game with advanced age for a character with this gift is no longer balanced and free, it is now a gift paid for as follows: 

"Advanced Age" counts as a +3 virtue : For each 10 years beyond 35 A mage gets 10 experience points and 15 points to be used on spells and arts.  Any non-mage gets 20 experience points from Advanced Age.  Aging in game does not require taking the gift of Advanced Age of course.

If you take "Fairy Blood" the +2 Virtue your Agelessness is a question of "nature" rather than "weird magic". You still gain all the benefits and implications of that faerie blood but gain no twilight points from being ageless.

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Mystical Encumberance by Eve Bernard and Lance Dyas

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