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Dynamic Web Mapping Solutions

HTML5 Accessible Tiled data for advanced analysis

The examples here are using the Google Maps API and using elevation data in a fashion appropriate to elevation data ie generating an adjustable illusion of 3D but they are far from the only possible uses, for instance one might dynamically compute and display the difference between two years of plant growth or water flow or similar for user selected dates of available data.

color shaded relief
Color Shaded Relief Maps - Created in your browser using HTML5 and pngs as data sources (instead of static imagery) Color Relief Shaded Viewer
stereographic image
Movie Style Stereoscopic 3D in your browser - Stereoscopic Viewing of Tiled Data Supports Anaglyph (red/cyan) - Passive (interleaved) - Active (shuttered) - The latter 2 modes require special monitors.anaglyph Stereographic 3D Viewer