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Geasa aka Oath Bound Gifts or Charisms

Oaths association with a gift are loose or somewhat arbitrary from a mechanical point of view - though some oaths/taboos and gifts are traditionally associated with one another and are recommended because they seem to recompense each other.

Purifying Touch

binding oath: Forego the use of poison

type: Honorable Combatant Oath / Chivalric

gift : your touch removes poison and disease from a feast additionally those you lay on hands or use your heal skill to aide gain a +5 bonus against poison attacks til the next encounter.

Healing Touch

type: chivalric

binding oath: remain chaste

gift : "Laying on of Hands" or "Bonded resurgence": if you spend a secondwind a single adjacent ally may recover 10 hp in response additionally you can spend a healing surge once a day to heal an ally an amount based on your own hs value. For this latter if you have reached a milestone today fate shines brighter and the amount healed is increased by an amount equal to your level.

gift : (low heroic) Healing Touch --> 1 time per day may spend a healing surge to heal touched ally

Radiant Health

type: chivalric

gift : 1 time per encounter may spend a healing surge to heal 2 allies at range 10 or 1 at range 20.

level paragon or mid epic.

Just/Retaliatory Smite

type : "Honorable Combatant Oath"

binding oath: "forego attacking first":

gift: once per day when an enemy misses you or an adjacent ally with an attack you make a basic attack as an immediate reaction.

Additionally when you are first bloodied or struck while bloodied by a melee attack you may make 2 basic attacks in a furious response.

Protected By Providence

type: An "Honorable Combatant Oath"

binding oath "forgoe using ranged attacks" - To some thinking lesser beasts are distinct and are not granted this dispensation so a bow may be freely used for hunting (Boar spear and similar weaponry are safer) but greater beasts and monstersfall well within the field of honor this is considered a cheap interpretation and by others who look upon that as self serving. (those with Totemic oaths generally take this to mean never use ranged attack)

gift: Gain damage resistance 5(heroic)/10(paragon)/15(epic) versus ranged attacks.

Warded vs Fel Harm

binding oath: "forego striking the fallen"

gift: Once per encounter you can counter advantage granted to an enemy and gain an oath bonus to insight.

type "Honorable Combatant Oath"

Totemic Gifts

Cradled in Flight or Feet First

Type: "Totemic Bond"

binding taboo: "never eat bird" or "never eat cat" flesh

gift: primary effect take no falling damage and always land on your feet. Daily:minor action, allies within 10 squares may be cradled in your wings/paws once per day benefiting from the effect.