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Oath Binders

The creators of of Oath and Taboo bound giftsThe effects which 4e calls Legendary Boons and Divine Boons as mentioned in the alternate rewards chapter in the DMG2 normally have ambiguous durations and unlike magic items lack conditions for their loss. The following makes them creatable by characters themselves and also loseable as they are tied to the maintenance of Oaths/Geasa *aka taboos.

Oath Binder : You can create gifts and blessings that breaks the boundaries of normal capability a these effects are bound up in an oath which allows the effect to be lost if the oath is broken or abandoned or even upgraded these are bound with an oath "a behaviorial stricture" which when broken - releases/rescinds the gift or blessing associated or decays the skill due some would say confidence and clarity loss. These gifts have a charity price which is sometimes paid in advance or tithed or attained via affirmation questing. An affirmation quest may be a mystical quest or spirit journey and failure is possible (though such a failure means the gift is not created/affirmed/awakened). This cost is a direct analog to the cost an item creation ritual. An oath binder must be trained in requisite skills for certain subsets of gifts (such as nature for the Totemic Oaths and gifts).

Gift Awakener : a Shamanic style rite which allows one to create Legendary and pseudo divine gifts which are bound by taboos aka Geasa

It is possible to awaken a gift in others you do not possess yourself or seat in them an oath or taboo you do not follow.

Blood Oath/Demand: This is itself a gift allows one to create a single service involuntary oath. It is a compulsion to do something with actual negative repercussions if you dont follow the demand, these may in fact be as extreme as the intimidation which initiates them. An intimidation vs a bloodied enemy may result in an infliction as extreme as eventual death if you fail to follow the oath. It isnt always totally obvious that an oath has taken. This is a power often attributed to Paladins such as Lancelot. A common example of the task being "Travel to Camelot and peacefully offer yourself up for penance to the king and his mercy" - with a tacit you will sicken and die? if you dont . A Blood Demand creates an affliction and is always performed as an heroic exertion (intimidation)