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Beyond Martial Practices

Martial Practices as defined in 4e often lack the impact to make them worth their price in fact many feel like they could be made generic or even be replaced with relatively simple adjustments to the skill use and other martial practices are hands down inferior to their closest analog in rituals without any recompense (like reduced price and or level), in general they lack awesome.

The Feat for gaining access to martial practices "Practised Study" is similarly mundane in flavour is far too mundane. This is perhaps the ultimate error of Martial Practices it lacked the courage of its convictions to allow martial it's due measure both in power and awesomeness

The purpose of this project is to empower both flavour and balance. Foremost in terms of flavour I believe it can directly reconnect with legend and myth. In particularly focusing on Arthurian Legendry whiled integrating elements from the Ancient Celtic, Norse and Greek Mythology . In terms of power we should at least match up with that which can be achieved via rituals.

Blood Rites open more concept space for effects that go beyond those currently covered and allow closer parity with rituals while Heroic exertions enable the expansion of skill use into truly heroic potency. The rules developed here will also integrate with Grand Master training from the alternate rewards system via Karma and Charity Points.