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Reincarnative/Akashic/Ancestral Dreaming

This inspired at least in part by certain classes of the Skald and Berserker, perhaps along with the idea of practices/rituals being not very different (I have been allowing bloodline-rites to run the borderline anyway)

Reincarnative/Akashic/Ancestral Dreaming -- History ---> This is a form of trance but rather than reducing sleep time it requires you engage a full 8 hour sleep (occasionally as long as 12 hours) with full REM so cannot be combined with trance. This might result in sleep walking where one performs a task which one doesn't really have the skill or background for such as building a boat or really anything one might hire someone to do or it might be just talking in ones sleep where the task is more mental like researching or knowledge skill related. This could be a very open ended thing. The task performed generally has a Karma pt cost comparable to hiring someone to perform it the task might be accomplished in about half the time normal if you are channeling a true expert and have a higher Karma pt cost . Sometimes you might awake shy one healing surge -- payment for that true expert or a side effect of accelerated physical activity?

Generally you do not always have the best control over what you find just as sometimes you cannot find someone to perform the task you need in the real world (which is often a streetwise task) a history check might be the roll for this.

Flavorful effects

  • Accidental - you wake up and you realize you cooked a great breakfast and everyone is ready for the road.
  • Anachronisms - Out of date items made.
  • Left over effects - You awake speaking a language that nobody knows.

Reincarnative Dreams is actually rooted in the Blood-rite concept and would definitely be one accessible by way of the Mythic Bloodline feat. As tapping into an ancestor it seems a Barbarian thing and as scanning the Akashic record it feels the purview of the Skald. Additionally it would make a great practice for the Deva race (Reincarnating Hero Archetype).